Friday, March 03, 2017

To Russia With Love

So - your National Security Advisor resigns over reports that he spoke to Russian officials post-election and pre-inauguration and then lied about it to Mike Pence....and no doubt others.

Now your Attorney General - the keeper of the laws - had undisclosed talks with a Russian Ambassador during the GOP convention. And lied about it happening. And he's still employed.

First off - I LOVE that no one is actually talking about the fact that a Russian Ambassador was at the GOP convention. But the heart of the matter is that Jeff Sessions (pictured to your left....I swear it's him!) lied about the event. Because again - he is the keeper of the laws of the country. And lying just seems.........wrong.

Oh wait. Wait. Sorry.  He he denied misleading Senator Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota, when he said during his confirmation hearing that he had not met with Russian officials about the Trump campaign......though he totally did.

Oh wait. Wait. Sorry.  Yes.  That totally is lying.

Or, his comment “not aware of any of those activities” when me, Al Franken {think about it.....think about it....} asked that there was a report of Dump surrogates exchanged information with Russia during the campaign.

So if not an out and out liar, then he has full-on dementia?  Does he know David Cassidy?  Or maybe he only thinks he knows David Cassidy?

Either way - do you want a man who can't recall facts to be heading our justice system?  Can't a defendant now argue that withholding the truth - or alternative facts - be ok and that they can't convict on that?

...well Randi, blow jobs do not impact national security.............if you do it correctly.

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anne marie in philly said...

I got the reference. every time I see al franken's face, that's what I say to myself.

LIARS should be FIRED and thrown in JAIL!

Travel said...

The muck and mire seems to be rising in the swamp.

Bob said...

I mean, he said he never spoke with the Russians and that was a lie, and he's saying eh doesn't remember what they spoke about.
Another lie he'll keep until he gets caught AGAIN.