Thursday, March 16, 2017

I'm Gone

The Muses are not really here today - or last night, I guess.

They might be here, but I'm not listening. It's been a weird three days of work. A weird two weeks, actually. I'm not normally the optimist - and while it is clearly going to be a rough few months.....or half year....but I'm hoping it brings some new blood into what I'm doing.

I'm hoping the old guard who isn't really interested in producing changes their tune or moves on.

As it is, I'm all business-planned out.  I've done nothing this week that didn't involve revenue enhancement, looking at CPT codes, volumes and work relative value units.

....and you didn't think my job was glamourous.

I guess the joke is on you.

Now I'm off to eat some Girl Scout Cookies.

Song by:  Shawn Colvin


anne marie in philly said...

like bacon, girl scout cookies cure all woes!

Ur-spo said...

Are the made with real Girl Scouts?

Mark in DE said...

The jargon in this post reminds me of how happy I am to NOT be working in corporate America anymore. I had 20 years of vision statements, value-adds, etc etc etc. It really was exhausting. Now I sell real estate where I get to skip the jargon.