Monday, March 06, 2017

My Music Monday

Erik's theme this month. March = St. Patrick's Day, I guess......and not college basketball.

So when he suggested musicians from Ireland (after two other failed suggestions), one would think you'd go right to U2 (which we would later "promised" to try to keep away from) ....and they were a quick second, but my first thought was what would become Erik's first artist as well:  Van Morrison.

And I will taunt Mr. R U. Bright (?) with choosing the most obvious Morrison song there could be. Don't get me wrong - "Brown Eyed Girl" is an incredible song.......that you hear a thousand drunk people sing along to (present company included) .....or worse, to which they karaoke.  {shudder}

I almost - almost - went with "Moondance", which is another incredible song. As is "Someone Like You" and even "Wild Night" (though I think I like the Mellencamp / Ndegeocello version better).

But I'm going with the title track of the first physical Morrison album I ever bought back in 1978: "Wavelength".  I played the song and disk to death.

It's funny - back then I considered Morrison an "old" artist, as he was recording in the 60s. But Wavelength was his 10th disk. He's had at least 20 releases since this.  The man is a prolific machine.

The keyboards / synth on "Wavelength" are not typical Morrison, but it was the late '70s, all musical bets were off.

I think you'll have to bare (bear?) through the first minute until the song truly launches.

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