Monday, March 13, 2017

My Music Monday

Why haven't I done this before?  A Monday song on Monday.

While sticking with Erik's theme of Irish music - sans U2 - why not go with the Boomtown Rats (lord, they have a website....that also links to Bob Geldof's ebay page.  Anything for a buck, eh Bob?).

Sure "I Don't Like Mondays" is the super-obvious choice, but it wasn't my first one.

I was going to do "Up All Night" which used to be a favourite......but when I queued it up, I kind of went, "wow.....was this song always this annoying?"  I fear it was, but I chalked it up to youth, being perpetually drunk and a very short attention span.

I actually had the 45 for "I Don't Like Mondays". It was the single version. I liked the album version better - and this is allegedly it, though it's been years since I've listened to either rendition.

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Erik Rubright said...

Well, I was pondering "Up All Night" as well, but then I changed my mind as well. Not that I really had another songs of theirs to go with.