Monday, March 27, 2017

My Music Monday

Two of Irelands bigger musical exports gets together for no apparent good reason, and in actuality, it doesn't suck. 

"When the Stars Go Blue" could have easily been an unmitigated disaster - had it not been for careful marketing, A&R teams and the help of what I'm guessing was four dozen exec men looking to promote.......well......something.

You all know I'm ok with estrogen-filled music, you've seen it here plenty of times. However, the Coors weren't one of those artists that appealed to me.

And at whatever stage this was, Bono isn't nearly as annoying as I normally find him. Yes, Erik and I said no U2, and technically it is not - though it is difficult to separate him from them (and vice versa).

I almost did Clannad and Bono from 1985, but he was right on that edge of being the self-righteous twat he'd end up becoming. While I loved the song.......32 years ago!.......I wouldn't put you through that.

With "When the Stars Go Blue" both the lead singer of the Coors and Bono are fairly understated. Their vocals work well together - more than one would expect.

....and thus concludes the Irish least for me.

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Erik Rubright said...

I should have said no Coors. Damn. LOL