Friday, March 10, 2017

Shopping with Blobby

Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!

This is actually Shopping with Meredity.

She sent me the link almost two months ago. I have no excuse for not using it, as I haven't done a Shopping segment since December.

Snail Masks.

I guess 'clay' is just too pedestrian for some.

While I suppose I could go and read the product information, that seems like it would take all the fun out of a very gross-sounding piece of commerce.

Is it slow-acting, or is it just made up of ground-up snails? Or does it crawl over your face? Either way: ick.

As I went to amazon to find the product that Ditto sent to me, I will admit that I'm less surprised that it exists and more that there are so. fucking. many.  different kinds of this stuff.

Of course, as I scrolled down, I happened to see something that made me chuckle more than snails on a face:  Donkey Milk Skin Mask.

...I'd make a joke, but I try not to go for the lobs.


anne marie in philly said...

EW EW EW! (insert facial joke here)

Anonymous said...

Snail Gel? Hell I'll try anything once.

Stephen said...

Now I have heard of it all; snail and donkey fluids for your face. Wow!

Anonymous said...

ICK! I suppose some people couldn't be happy just eating the little critters.