Saturday, March 11, 2017

Barking at the Moon

Shep Day.  Sophie Day. Saturday.

Blurry tail. Wags.

Someone is jonesing for dinner. 

I worked from home yesterday. 

Someone kept me from doing all I could do, as he thinks he is a lap dog. Which he, of course, was.

Bonding time.  Kind of. 

Another work from home photo. 

Blobby getting yelled at.  Continually. 

Shep's new favourite toy.  Or as 710 calls it:

Donald J. Warthog. 

Shep takes it everywhere. It's so cute to watch. 

Song by: Jenny Lewis


anne marie in philly said...

so why was shep yelling at you? walk? playtime? lap time? snuggle time? food?

Raybeard said...

He sure is an attention-seeker, which Sophie knows - and resents, though is too polite to complain.

Fearsome Beard said...

Handsome cuteness

Walter said...

What a handsome pair! Nothing beats a day with your best buddy.

Bob said...

Bonding looks more like, "How long do we have to sit like this!"

Totes adorbs, as always.

Ur-spo said...

I am very fond of your dog; I enjoy the photos.

Mark in DE said...

Shep is so cute! You can just see the love and appreciation for you in his eyes.