Saturday, March 25, 2017

Better Days

Saturday. Doggie Day. Kitty Day. Best Day.

Creature Comfort. 

Emphasis on the 'creature' part. Such a long tail. 

Shep and Soph awaiting 710's arrival home. 

Shep the cuddler. 

This used to be Sophie's chair. Then Shep took it over. 

In a moment of defiance, Sophie has restaked her claim. 

Shep and his friend Eleanore.  

Her brother, Oliver, no longer gets along with Shep - and / or vice versa. It isn't aggressive play any longer, it's downright hostile. Dan and Suzanne had to put Oliver back in the house. But he and Eleanore played for a while. 

Song by: Guy Clark


anne marie in philly said...

first pix - close the hatch, shep!

and the queen has reclaimed her throne; good girl, sophie!

Raybeard said...

If only Shep and Sophie knew how they make my day start with a smile - and I'm positive for many others as well. Give them strokes of gratitude will you please?

Bob said...

Sophie does seem rather pleased with herself being back in the chair.

Anonymous said...

That cutie could use that tail as a rudder! Sweet fur babies!