Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ad of the Month

Oh this month, we have a local ad to bring your way.

I'm no fan of the local car commercial, but at least in Cleveland more of them than not, have their stinking kids or grandkids in them.......some of them singing.  UGH.  I'd never walk through their doors based on that alone.

But this ad came on a few weeks ago. Now there are different variations, but what you really need to see the super gay-acting guy in it (usually in the upper left of the screen).

I say gay-acting, because part of me doesn't think he's queer at all.  Then part of me wants to be that homo that I'm not and yell, "yaasss queen!"

I know I should be more accepting of our brethren, but sometimes they make it so difficult.

Honestly - the stance!  The hands on the hips. The hand gestures. The combo of the two.

.....and I still wouldn't walk through their doors.


anne marie in philly said...

OMB, yasssss! the guy on the left. sassy looking. and I'm not even gay!

Stephen said...

A very good possibility; hands on hip could overlook, but the leg stance dead give away. Lord forgive me and I truly apologize to the young man for stereotyping him if I'm wrong.

Erik Rubright said...

Not a lot of diversity up there, eh?

Mark in DE said...

Its the hands on the hips!