Tuesday, January 12, 2016

the Prettiest Star

Clearly, the pop culture new cycle has been inundated with the news of the passing of David Bowie.

And rightfully so.

When 710 told me the news at 06:00 yesterday, as I was heading to the shower, it just kind of gut-punched me.....and I can't exactly say why.

I almost equated it to John Lennon's death - though I wonder if I'll remember exactly where I was when I heard of Bowie, the way I still vividly remember Lennon.

For me - Bowie has been around longer than Lennon. At least actively making music. And while Lennon had a few styles to his career, it was nothing like the way Bowie morphed - - looks and sound. He was truly one of a kind. He copied no one and no one could ever quite replicate him, however hard they tried.

This was sonically as well as visually.

This is possibly one of best - or at least funnest - commercials I have ever seen....

Back when I was barely 11, my oldest sister got Diamond Dogs and Queen II for the holidays. The above image of "Bowie" - no first name for me to understand this was truly a man - and then four men with some feminine looks had me perplexed.

For a sexually "confused" pre-teen, none of this album art was helping matters in the slightest.

I remember Bowie's Serious Moonlight tour of 1983. I think he and the Police were performing the same week in Cleveland, but I had no funds to go to either, though I was dying to see Bowie. I still regret that - though 30+ years later, I still remember where I was the night he performed, so perhaps I will still remember yesterday.

Don't get me wrong - like all artists, he put out some marginal material, but rarely has an artists put out so much memorable and great things too......though I've never understood the pairing of him and Bing Crosby....nor will I ever.

I have favourites, of course - "Cat People (Putting Out Fire with Gasoline)" possibly being the top of the heap. And the Let's Dance version, not the movie soundtrack version. Though "Time Will Crawl" might be a tie, though it depends on which version - as there are quite a few. And his pairing with Pat Metheny was great.

I loved he made a guest appearance on the last Arcade Fire album. I after a 10 year absence put out 2.5 records in last two years - the last being two days prior to his death.

Oddly, this tweet from someone I don't know sums it up so perfectly......

I know Bowie is of my generation. I don't know how many millennials know or care about him. In time they will - if they have any sense of musical history.

I have decided to leave off with his song "Time Will Crawl"  - my favourite mix. I like the actual video to the song, just not the version, as it seems tinny.

David Bowie will be missed....at least by the people I know. They get it.

Song by: David Bowie


Anonymous said...

A true artist - in every sense.

Anonymous said...

I really like "Cat People" as well, but I instead prefer the full Giorgio Moroder soundtrack version. ~~ NB

Fearsome Beard said...

He was quite the talent. I am glad that his sound is part of the soundtrack of my life as well. My favorite pairing of his was with Queen.

Erik Rubright said...

My first "knowing" of Bowie was as the Goblin King in the movie Labyrinth. A part I will never forget. And when I got a few years older, I was introduced to his music, and forever is it linked to what I feel as alternative.