Monday, January 11, 2016

My Music Monday

We are ridin' high with Old Timey music by modern day artists.

If I had to guess, female artists attempt this much more than men. Maybe they can better pull it off.

Sometimes for males, it comes across more as a little more lounge-y.

Raul Malo, the lead singer for the Mavericks and a solo artist in his own right, put out a great song on his first solo disk, Today, back in September 2001....not a great month / year to be getting any kind of notice for anything non-9/11.

The album didn't make one U.S. chart - not even a dent. And I'm talking about Hispanic or Country charts, not the popular Top 200, but it contains at least two great tracks, one being today's selection: "Since When".

It's odd. My version of this song is 2:52 and it's the one I know and on the disk I purchased. But somewhere along the line, an "updated" pressing (remember, this was a CD), with a fuller and similar, but less pleasing sound (to me) that clocks in at least 30 seconds longer.

You're getting my preferred version.  It's low key. It's slight jazz - mostly due to the guitar, though the vocal (and voice) clearly helps. I also like the way he doesn't go for the expected note here and there. It is not over the top the way some Maverick's songs can be.

Raul Malo - "Since When"

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Erik Rubright said...

I like. I'll have to add this one to my collection.