Monday, January 04, 2016

My Music Monday

New year. New My Music Monday logo.

My blog. My rules.

It's Erik's theme this month, and I am going along with it - though to be honest, I think it was one of mine in which he rejected opted for another theme months ago.

I'm a big boy, I can handle it.

His first theme choice was TV show songs. He even rejected that before I had a chance to say 'nein!'. I believe I told him I'd use the Friends theme every week, then jump off a bridge, blaming him for my demise in my suicide note.

So the theme is Old Timey modern day artists.

I believe this is left open to interpretation. We didn't say it could include covers...but we didn't say it couldn't. Just off the top of my head, I think I will have a mix of the two.

I'm stating off with Sinéad O’Connor - and yes, it's a 'cover', though let's be honest, most of my blog-reading public might not have known it had I not told you.

After her big album, she famously ripped up a picture of the Pope on SNL and well....after that, things kind of went off the rails for her. Knowing doing a rock / pop album wasn't going to get her any traction, O'Connor went the 'standard' album route - before the genre would be done to death - with Am I Not Your Girl? 

While it was a covers disk, she had a more eclectic track listing than most. I was especially fond of today's choice, "Why Don't You Do Right"

The song has been covered by the likes of Peggy Lee, Julie London and Jessica Rabbit. Still i like the brassiness of O'Connor's version.

The song perfectly kicks off Am I Not Your Girl?, and I'm not sure O'Connor gets any better than this on the represented record.

Sinéad O’Connor - "Why Don't You Do Right"

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