Sunday, January 10, 2016

One in a Million

What are the odds?

More than a million to one, that's for sure. One in 292 million, so the internets say. But it only takes one. And I bought two tickets, so I doubled my odds........well......kind of.

$800 $900 Million.

Yeah - I bought a ticket. I'm guessing my odds would be better with Megamillions, as probably no one is jonesing for a measly $15MM, so I might have been the only one playing.  ....had I played.

I would "joke" that I'd never play any lotto unless it was over $120MM, because, how could I live on anything less?

Let's assume I had to split that $125M with 710. I'm already at a measly $62M and that's before taxes. Going with my genetics, knowing I will most likely live until 93-95 years old, I can barely spend a million per year just to get by! I may as well get a "Will Work for Caviar" placard made up, when I stand at my personal heliport landing.

We should hope that I win all this moolah last night (like I'm staying up for the drawing!), because if no one does, the next drawing will definitely go past a billion bucks - and then I'll have to recalculate to see how I could have ever gotten by on a mere 9-figure sum.

If When I win - I'll put up the farce here for a little while, pretending like I'm interested in you "little people", all the while shopping around for tax shelters, annuities, and bathtubs full of champagne. But then, I'll just drop off the grid.

Hell, for $800MM $900MM, I'll build my own grid.


As it turns out I WON Powerball.

I just didn't get the first five numbers.

Song by: the Romantics


Travel said...

Check your numbers yet? Good luck! Don't forget your fans!

Bob said...

No winners. Go for 1.3 BILLION on Wednesday!

Fearsome Beard said...

I predict it will exceed 1.3 billion.

anne marie in philly said...

no winners in this house. here we go again.

Ur-spo said...

what did you do with the four dollars?