Monday, January 18, 2016

My Music Monday

Old Timey music from contemporary artists. That's the theme.

This time the song is not a cover, and while the artist is contemporary, the song is still 35 years old!

I am going with Blondie and their "Here's Looking at You" from their unable to be genre-classified album, Autoamerican (arguably their best album).

It is part Debbie Harry's vocal, part the muted trumpets and woodwinds, but mostly Mike Chapman's production that define the sound.

I've always {internally} argued, that this is less a Blondie song than it is a Harry one. The majority of musicians on the track are not the band's core. Still, the entire disk transcends the band archetype - and that is not a bad thing.

35 years and I still play the album and the song often. It's modern day-ish old timey music.

Blondie - "Here's Looking at You"

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Anonymous said...

Old ones are the the best.