Monday, January 25, 2016

My Music Monday

Yes, it's a cover, but it's an old timey cover. And again, while modern day artist, the song is 24 years old. That in itself would qualify it for 'oldie' status, if not old timey.

I'm closing out the month's theme with Annie Lennox and her cover of the "Keep Young and Beautiful", which she used as her closing track on her first solo disk, Diva.

Originally the song was done in the '30s, and performed by a male vocalist (Eddie Cantor - whom I have heard of through my parents) whose version was irony-free.

Lennox covers it spot-on, yet still with a bit of tongue planted firmly in cheek. Cantor's is more of a user-guide on how women should be if they want to have any worth - even though not a note or word is changed.

It's amazing what a different decade or gender can do to a song to change its interpretation.

I know I just did Lennox with the movie themes month, but can you ever use her enough?

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Bob said...

Never enough Annie!
Love this one.