Monday, June 10, 2013

My Music Monday

We are going back to 1983 for this one (though I would have sworn it was '82).

Bowie...from Let's Dance.

I think was thinking '82, because that is when the song I'm picking, "Cat People (Putting Out Fire") was released in its original form.

The song was used in the movie, Cat People, which I will admit to seeing the first 15 minutes of, until someone gets their arm ripped off by a tiger - then I was kind of done.  Of course it wasn't really a tiger, but Nastassja Kinsk, though I'm not here to delve into the film.

Lyrics are all Bowie, but the music is all Gorgio Moroder -  infamous for working with many artists, including lots of Donna Summer songs, "Call Me" by Blondie and {ugh} "Take My Breath Away". I'd say that last one was by Berlin, and while they're credited, I don't think one band member played on it other than Terri Nunn.

The movie version of "Cat People" is much more tame than the re-recorded version on Let's Dance.  The original arrangement starts off as very sparse, and was much more low key. The vocal arrangement is much more stilted.  I don't like the background vocalists on that version either. Actually,  I can't say I ever enjoyed that iteration, but it showed promise, so I was much more pleased when a year later it was re-released.

The non-soundtrack version is way more energetic, but still retaining a Moroder feel, even though he doesn't produce this cut.  And Stevie Ray Vaughn plays guitar on the Let's Dance version - so there is definitely going to be a bigger difference.

"Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" has always been one of best things Bowie has done - which is saying a lot.

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Raybeard said...

Great stuff - from one of his several 'great' periods!