Monday, June 17, 2013

My Music Monday

I went with Girl Rock this week.  That's not their name, just the genre.  David will hate it.

There have been few and far between girl-only groups who are rock oriented.  The Go-Gos and Bangles don't really count.  They were mostly pop, but they fit the niche at the time of the early to mid-80s.

The Donnas owe more to the Runaways than they ever will to Belinda Carlisle or Susanna Hoffs.

I can't say they were ever successful, but they had at least two videos on MuchMusic. I went back and forth between using "Take it Off" - which is actually harder rock than my actual choice, "Fall Behind Me".  I thought this one would have a little broader appeal and who doesn't like a video that basically has a unicorn farting rainbows?

I did download some of their music (ok, perhaps not legally - come get me NSA and RIAA!), but it was mostly to share with some of my nieces who play guitar to let them know there are girls who put it out there and are not middle-of-the-road recording artists.

BTW, it's been almost a year since Mike had offered to write a My Music Monday post.  And for the record - I'm still waiting for his submission.


Anonymous said...

The Donnas are great. I love "Who Invited You" as well as "Take It Off". I have never heard this song before but I'm getting into it.

Maybe I'll have to make another Amazon MP3 purchase before I go to bed tonight?

Anonymous said...

Great post sir.

Girl groups were rising in the 90s before mainstream music to the fall. “4 Non Blondes”, “Elastica” and “Verunca Salt” were making great stuff. (OK the last two groups had a token male or two).