Friday, June 14, 2013

This River is Wild

My nephew, Max, well....and the rest of his family went white water rafting the other weekend. the Adirondacks.  In June.

It seems a wee bit chilly for me, as it hasn't warmed up even for non-mountainous ranges that are even further south, but........

Actually, the trip was provided for children with disabilities. I think I've mentioned before that Max is autistic.

He is a great kid - though lordy, he's a teenager now, almost 14! But he's a fun loving kid and sweet as can be.

If you've ever dealt with an autistic child or a teenager - (or worse, both!) - they can be stubborn little buggers when they want to be and it is hard to shake them of that.  My sister's email, though she won't want to hear it, made me smile when she wrote that Max was 'impossible' on the two and one-half hour ride, and until he got in the boat.

Max is like that.  Hell, any teenager is like that on their best of days.

But he loved the rafting part.  A "die-hard thrill seeker" now is he.

I can totally see that.

Once Max can get out of his routine he is golden. The only danger is incorporating something new like that into what he now wants his routine to be.  White water rafting might be harder to make an everyday normal thing - let alone over and over again, which is his way.

I got a number of action shots sent my way, but it is hard to really see faces, expressions etc.  Max is center at the front of the boat.

Luckily I didn't have to say it - my sister did - "It was more surprising to get Jon (her husband) in the boat".   True that.

But that's the great thing about these adventures:  not only is there an organization that provides trips and like this for special needs populations, but the entire family bonds - as my sister and Max's sister all were in the boat.

My sister "claims" the water wasn't bad at all - but I'm calling bullshit on that.  You know damn well it was bone chilling.  But I'm guessing their adrenaline kept them warmer than it actually was.

I can't wait to see how they're going to top this.

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