Thursday, June 06, 2013

Site of the Month

Ugh - I hate being behind the curve.  Especially on Prancercise!

Technically I wasn't late, until I read BosGuy's blog post yesterday.  He totally beat me to the punch I intended to give.   I knew about the prancing - I just hadn't shared it with you folks.

Honest.  See??  Note the date in the email chain - the one that my friend Jon provided the link. He gets the credit.

I mean, I couldn't do my Site of the Month for June in May.  I'm always like that newly diagnosed terminally diseased patient: "I {sob} thought {sob} there'd {sob} be {sob} more {sob} time."

There wasn't.  Mr. BosGuy beat me to it.  I might have called him a 'rat bastard'.  I didn't really mean it.  I can't, as I owe the man two beers.  I have to be on good behaviour.

But maybe you should view the video below, before you read the email above.  Oh and yes, you have to watch all 5 minutes of video.

Jon is right about the 'man in drag' question. How is this not Bruce McDonald from Kids in the Hall?  It would so easily be one his characters.

And of course, you do hear "Werewolves of London" don't you?  ...and the Weather Channel music later on?  I'm not dreaming.

Naturally, my emails to my "friends" about this were light-hearted and fun.  Then of course, my "friends" turned on they always do.

"She stole 'Blobby's' moves from the Garage (a gay bar) in the late '80s".     ...and yes, I responded that it would be funny if it weren't true.

With friends like this, who needs friends?

But yes, WTF?   Not only have I never moved like this, who would do it in public?  Not that there seems to be a person to be seen......luckily for her, though something is telling me she wouldn't seem to care that much.

Yes, there are already parodies out (check YouTube), but I'm not sure you can parody a parody. I find it hard to believe this is real, but there is a lot weirder shit out there on the Gore Electronic Interhighway.

Do you want to know what is really keeping me awake at night (besides overactive bowels, that is...)?  David.

I mean, how long before he goads me into doing this with him?  And what is worse is -  how long after that before I cave?


Erik Rubright said...

And *that* (the gallup) is how BrettCajun wanders around NOLA. I've seen it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Rob might have beaten you to the post but it was your pleading that got me to watch.

Anonymous said...

Notice there are no people or birds around? maybe they should have her Prancercise where ever Canadian Geese gather.

Anonymous said...

OMG - I think I just live blogged a video. Too much coffee this morning.

BosGuy said...

Too funny... Never seen people prancersizing? I suggest going to any Pride parade. I can guarantee you will see plenty of this.

Wonder Man said...


Brettcajun said...

Erik... everyone knows I talk, act, and walk "STRAIGHT". Nobody knows I'm queer.

Anonymous said...

What sort of Ghetto Hell of a public golf course is she wandering around? I am surprised she did not break and ankle.