Saturday, June 22, 2013


Today's post falls under that 'Stuff & Nonsense' I originally based this blog-thingy on.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I was thinking about The Todd from the show Scrubs.

I honestly don't know anyone who watched the show, other than myself.  Yes, the last two years kind of sucked, but the first six were good. It was clever writing.

Having worked in hospitals most of my adult life, I would say on many levels, Scrubs was a more realistic portrayal of a hospital environment.  ER (ok, I actually never saw it, but the drama I heard about was way over the top - and way to many staff deaths), St. Elsewhere (closer than some other shows), Chicago Hope, etc, etc. etc.

Yes, Scrubs was tongue in cheek and with lots of fantasy moments, but some of the patient care and administration scenarios hit close to home.

But Scrubs could also be very ROR.  That's Kim Jong Un talk for LOL.  While there are way too many to go through, like I said, I was thinking about The Todd (a Scrubs character) and a quick YouTube search brought on quite a few funny one of him - but for pseudo-obvious reasons, I'm going with this one:

Song by:  Counting Crows


Erik Rubright said...

This is second time "Scrubs" has come up in the last two days. First, my co-worker at the studio says I should watch it. And so we watched a bunch of "best of" clips. And now this post.

Damn, there goes a few hours. Ruckiry, it's on Netflix.

tornwordo said...

One of my favorite shows ever. That was a great clip.