Monday, June 24, 2013

My Music Monday

Today I'm going with Depeche Mode.

In some recent pop-up internet ads for their last album (commercially bombed - at least in the States) and their upcoming tour (less than 20 US dates, none sold out at this point - that I can tell), their PR firm was touting them as re-defining music.

I like Depeche Mode and all, but I would not go that far.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  there is NOTHING like hyperbole!

I suppose I've been listening to DM since, I dunno, 1984.  I guess we're pushing 30 years here, though truth be told the last purchase was 2005's Playing the Angel.  Their music after that just kind of bored me a bit.

I'd say about half the songs on Playing the Angel are really good.  The others are fair.  But I've always come back to "John the Revelator".

While it certainly has some very vague biblical reference (none of which I think are accurate), the amateur / fan video is fun.  It take Bush out to task for basically being the devil.

There is an "official" video, but it's just shitty live footage overlayed with the studio track.  I'd rather go with the unofficial video.

The song itself seems to be classic / typical (later day) Mode. It's got a strong rhythm section and it has got a good drive.  Figuring that the song is 8-9 years old and still rotates regularly through my playlist at the gym, car and phone - that has to say something for how much I like it - no?


Anonymous said...

Never heard that one before. I like it. The video is a good indicator why DP wont be promoted in the mainstream anymore though.

Erik Rubright said...

I like the fan video way better than DM's video.

I'm not a fan of the newest album. It doesn't sound or feel like DM to me. When the first single was released, I didn't even know it was DM until I read the title.