Friday, November 04, 2022

Revolution 9

The hottish ex-Capitol policeman is not wrong.  At all. 

The histrionics of the last half decade have sped up the end to the U.S. democracy.  The dolts who voted and still support BLOTUS whilst still ignoring the blatant lies and dictator-like behaviour are only half the issue. The other being the demorcrats who truly don't care enough to truly make a change, partially because they feel they can't and that nothing will actually change. 

I totally get that last part. 

I'm still voting, of course, but you've seen those posts. Our dem senator candidate, who can possibly barely beat a red hot flaming turd on the republican side, is weak as fuck. The dem governor candidate is practically invisible. 

After this, or the 2024 election, I can honestly say I am not sure they'll actually be elections. We are no longer a generation or two of having no democracy. That timeframe is shorter.  Much shorter. 

Yeah, I get it:  I'm a downer. 

The ambivalence of course does come from the 'nothing will change' thought process. I'd say there has been a of change, but not for the better.  Restrictions and voting laws are now going to make it harder to initiate change. They took it away right before our very eyes and we did nothing.  

Getting these alleged freedoms back aren't going to be easy.  They might not even be possible. Not in my lifetime. And even that, not without a revolution. 

It really is time to fight. 

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