Monday, November 14, 2022

My Music Monday

A bit ago I wrote about Peter Bjorn & John and mentioned the two had produced Chrissie Hynde's solo disk, Stockholm almost a decade a go now. 

The album is underrated for sure. So much so that there seems to only be one video from it and not every song is available on YouTube......and according to my friend Jon, the disk isn't on Apple Music. 

That's sad. Especially with the crap that exists out there forever. 

But I thought I'd sample one song, "You're the One". I like it though, if you truly listen, it's fraught with cliches. But it certainly beats the Pretenders crap of "I'll Stand by You".   And Hynde pulls this off. At least I think she does. 

There are a number of songs I could have picked and maybe should have picked.  But you get what you get. 

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