Friday, November 25, 2022

when the party's over

I've made it no secret over the last 20 blog years that Thanksgiving is not my favourite meal. 

It's fine and all, but for all the work - and there is a lot of it - it's like any other meal that's over in a short amount of time. 

Of course, there is the clean-up, which just adds insult to injury. 

Keep in mind, this was just a dinner for three.

Honestly, I don't know how - or why - my mother did this meal for ages. It couldn't be just to have her kids around. I've met us. Trust me, that "reward" does not outweigh the effort. Turkey was my dad's favourite meal, so that's why she did it, but that's what turkey breasts are for. 

And that is what we had. Like a 7lb breast. Yes, it stops us from using the bones for stock and soup, but we have enough meat for sammiches.......but 710 wants to try turkey hash, with which I'm fine. I have no preference one way or the other. 

The rest of the day was relaxing. A slippery, muddy hike, but in a new location........and a nap. 

The nap may have been the best part of the day, though I had some weird dreams.  Hope your days were good. 

Song by: Billie Ellish


Unknown said...

We went out for a nice fish supper. Salmon for me. Cod for him. Not at all traditional, but nice just the same.

And no dishes to clean up. Win!

Travel said...

I am thankful that I enjoy cooking,

Ur-spo said...

We two spent hours doing a lot of work for a meal that was consumed in about 15 minutes and too tired to do much else.
I am considering ordering out next year.