Monday, November 07, 2022

My Music Monday

I didn't even think of a theme for November. And I'm too eff'ing lazy to consider possibilities 

It'll just be either random stuff, or if I can't find anything good, it'll be the shuffle method. 

Sometimes you find a song and you cannot remember why, how or where. That is usually not me. I remember a LOT of shit, but for today's selection, "Can't Run Forever" by a band called Hembree, that is not the case. I have zero recollection on how I stumbled upon it. 

Ironically, I don't run forever while listening to it. And I can't run forever. But I can make it through the the 3 minutes and 35 seconds.  I'm not the best at running, but I can manage that amount of time. 

This song came out in 2015, but the band's first full album didn't arrive until four years later.  Even their only EP came out in 2017. 

They have that not original but still pleasing sound that so many mid to late 2010 bands have. Walk the Moon, Tame Impala and others come to mind. 

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Travel said...

Nice drum work