Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Giving Up

If Pee Wee Herman has taught us anything it is not to masturbate in adult theaters in Sarasota, FL.*   And that Christmas is the time we should be thinking about others. 

Those two statements might exclusive of each other.........or perhaps not. 

I am happy to contribute to certain charities or good causes / organizations throughout the year, but for the holidays, I almost always wait for today. 

You got your Black Friday. Small Business Saturday (vitally important!), Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday. 

While I should do more for the Saturday portion, I always participate in Giving Tuesday. We do. But I spearhead. 

Our shelter from where we got Sophie and Shep is on the list. Our LGBT Center makes the cut. The Cleveland Food Bank, yes. And Bellefaire JCB.  That stands for Jewish Children's Bureau. 

The latter is among the nation’s largest child service agencies providing a variety of behavioral health, substance abuse, education and prevention services (not just Jewish children - all children!). They are also home to the Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sister program. I am proud to say we have had family involvement at Bellfaire since its inception - or near about. 

Most - though maybe not all - organizations who participate in Giving Tuesday usually comes with a match.  If you give, say, $100, your gift becomes $200. Or someone else donates an equal amount in kind. 

Bellfaire is a little different. They have lists of children, infants to late teens who are in need of any kind of gift for the holidays. Things they don't have the means to acquire, but would like. They have wishlists not unlike your kids or nieces and nephews. I am always happy to pick 2-3 children and get them what they want, and maybe a little more. 

Though we are happy to donate throughout the year, I do try to make it during match times. 

Tomorrow, well......today......I will contribute to these fine organizations who help the underprivileged  - be it human or animal, or who are helping the marginalized communities. 

The places I am giving are not even scraping the surface of the need out there. My resources are limited, as are everyone's (well.........unless your Bezos or Musk, it seems).  I hope others out there pick up the cause and do what they can. 

I know except for my animal posts, most of you think I have no heart - and this is where I get to prove you all wrong. At least once a year. 

.....and I learned it all from Mr. Herman's Christmas Special. 

*at the ripe age of 16, I was in that very theatre watching my possible first porn. It plot revolved around King Midas and everything - and I do mean everything - turned to gold !

Song by: Donny Hathaway

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Old Lurker said...

Of course we think you have a heart! No comment as to how many sizes too small it might be.

I am glad Paul Reubens got his career back. What happened to him was a travesty.