Tuesday, November 01, 2022


I'm kind of bummed. 

Trick or Treat was kind of a bust. 

Last year we had about 90 kids. This year it was a fraction. I had more parents with "go cups" than I had kids with plastic pumpkin candy carrying containers. 

The costume were lame. Are Power Rangers still a thing? But a few Spidermen and one Spiderwoman.  I did ooh and aah over that costume, as it broke with tradition and stereotypes. 

One of our gaybor's kids was George of the Jungle.  Mike was supposed to come as the Man with the Yellow Hat, and he did. Kind of.  He didn't fully commit and I let him know it. 

Theo was adorable as George, but I only called by his primate name, which I think he liked.  The kids is maybe 19 months old. 

I sat outside in the 60s temps, beer(s) in hand. I honestly couldn't even offer one to any of the adults, as they all had them anyways. 

What was supposed to be 120 minutes long, I called it after 80. It had been a good 15 minutes since we'd seen a kid. And I wanted dinner. 

That all said, it was fun to talk to all our straight neighbors. I like them. And I got a new factoid:  Chris, who lives two doors down, his grandparents owned the house right behind ours and lived there for 70 (!!!) years. 

Now we're stuck with a LOT of mini Reeses's cups.  ....and a few Kit Kats. 

Song by: Kirsty MacColl

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Old Lurker said...

Oh! Peanut butter cups! I'm jealous.

I'm pretty sure Power Rangers never stopped being a thing, although I don't know how popular the series is these days. There was a Power Rangers fighting game released a few years ago that has a cult following.