Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Fly Me to the Moon

Well, it's mid-term day.  And I am scared as fuck.  ....and it ain't because of the moon. 

This is a first real test since BLOTUS has gone and an insurrection has taken place.  And there are a lot of fucking whack-a-doodle candidates out there running. 

The ones out front?  All - and I do mean all - 2020 election deniers. 


Not once - though I rarely watch news or political shows like Face the Nation - has one "reporter" asked these deniers if they think only BLOTUS lost, or if the people who won (i.e. other Republicans) shouldn't have if the votes were tampered with, 

I mean, stop these turds in their tracks.  Does anyone think that a bunch of Democratic voters submitted multiple ballots and votes only top of the ticket as a Dem and the rest as a Republicunt?  I want to see them talk their way out of that. 

It would nice to hold either the House or Senate, but I'm not holding my breath on both. I'm not even holding my breath on either.  Hence me be scared as fuck. 

Word on the street is BLOTUS is waiting until this election to announce his 2024 candidacy.  Fuck. Me. Hard. 

Here's the other timing device:  Musk: Twitter: BLOTUS. 

Mark my words, BLOTUS' reinstatement will come with the mid-terms and his announcement to run again.  You know what he's like on Twitter. 

None of this is coincidental.  And I'm not even a conspiracy theorist.  Well, maybe a little. 

I'd tell you all to vote, but I'd like to think my readership are responsible adults who do the right thing. 

Let's see how things wrap up tomorrow - though I expect a lot of lawsuits claiming election fraud with no clear winners for weeks.  I blame Bush and Gore on that one, and called it 22 years ago and most elections won't be decided by the voters, but the courts. 

I haven't really been proven wrong yet. 

Song by: Frank Sinatra & Count Basie 

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