Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Bad Moon Rising

We opted not to turn on the television last night. I decided I would wait till the morning to see if the U.S. has ended the idea of democracy and being a republic. 

I voted. I did what I could do, legally. But even the Ohio Attorney General (republicunt, of course), changed voting sites at 24 (!) historically blue locations two days before (!!!!!) the election. 

Nope. Nothing fishy there!

When you can't win: cheat.   That is the moral. I expect the worse upon waking. 

Sad? yes.  Disappointed? yes.  Surprised? not even in the slightest.  ....unless the dems truly win and take the senate. 

Anyways, I did go out and see that Blood Moon yesterday morning. 

The beginning of the lunar eclipse was to start a little after 03:00. And why, yes, I would be up, I'm not out. I have my morning routine and I had to get all my "games" in first - and I did. But even at 04:40, the moon was bright and no visible sign of it being blocked by a shadow. 

Mind you - 15 minutes later, when arriving at the gym there was a noticeable change. The partial part was in gear and the 'blood' part was starting to take affect.  I took a few iffy / mundane pics and went into the gym.  It was leg day. 

Leg day isn't exciting for me, though it is where I move the most weight - up to 26,000 pounds per workout when you take into account each machine, each rep and the number of sets you do. And yes, I calculate it all in my head as I'm working out. 

As I was doing leg extensions, I noticed it was 05:16. The peak of the eclipse was to be 05:17.  I grabbed my phone and walked out of the shorts and a t-shirt in 46 degree temps. I had to walk across the street to a parking lot to get a good view.  And it was. 

I get the moon is 238,600 miles away - or some such nonsense - and I'm carrying a phone for pics. I am only as good as Tim Cook & Co. I know there are setting in said phone to make your camera better, but it also takes up a lot of space with your pics too. I didn't change a thing, as I was in a parking lot in shorts, in November at 05:17. 

Oddly, the nekkid eye was better than a camera. But I can't share my memories in picture form, so I had to snap away. 

You can kind of see the eclipse here.  You can clearly see the change in colour. 

It was cool to watch. And then, well, it was just cool - so I went back in and finished my workout. 

I want yesterday's moon not to be ominous regarding election day, but it is hard to separate the two. Maybe I'll be wrong. 


Song by: Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Old Lurker said...

Fingers crossed that the results are not as bloody as the moon.