Thursday, November 17, 2022

the Judge

Honestly, I'm torn about what to write. 

Jury duty is clearly the easy route.  The much delayed Artemis launch is good - though I only know it went up in the middle of the morning  I saw a friend's post from her house in Florida of said launch and the images she took.  We could discuss the debacle that is Ticketmaster, Stub Hub and Taylor Swift.  Oddly enough - in that order.  Oh, and today is our 12th wedding anniversary. 

There is one thing missing, of which I'm not willing to discuss. At least not at this point. Hopefully not ever. So I'm not saying it here. 

Of course, being so vague, future historians will scratch their heads when pouring over this here blog-thing trying to figure out when, how and why civilization collapsed  - as there is no reference. They'll just have to dig out the microfiche and start to cross-reference. They'll figure it out.  Eventually. 

I'm going the easy route: jury duty. 

O.M.F.G. As an operational "expert",  wanted nothing more than to fix the debacle that is the Cuyahoga County Court System. It's doubtful that other municipalities have that much better or different processes. Prove me wrong.............please. 

Maybe the jury duty system isn't. but I'm not sure the judicial system which is supports is doing anyone any favours. 

Yesterday, there were a known 15 cases that might need juries.  Might. 

There are roughly 400 potential jurors in this room for those trials. Civil trials don't even get 12 jurors, so if you do the math, most people won't be picked even with the weeding out folks during the voir dire process. 

It took seven hours before "they" decided there would be one - ONE - of the 15 would need a jury. 

I don't know if the others took plea deals, or opted for bench trials. We just sat for seven hours, including a 75 minute lunch. 

To be honest, it wasn't even great people-watching time. I thought it would be. I was wrong. 

Yes, I COULD have worked remotely there the entire day. but I'm so burned out at work, I opted not to log in, even though I brought my laptop.  I was smart enough to bring a book. An actual physical one. 

You've read over the last year that my core group is back to a very unofficial book club. We all read one book at the start of the year. And some of us have participated in other tomes. I think with this new book, we are all reading it or on the docket too.  See what I did there? 

It's a 191 page book, so I read it all during jury duty, and oddly not one word during the 75 minute lunch. I went out into the cold and walked. But I did so enjoy the book, Swimming in the Dark.  I'm still processing parts, but overall it was well done. 

So today I go back, sans book, and expect more of the same. 

Song by: twenty one pilots


Old Lurker said...

Oh dear. I am sorry that work is stressful, and that whatever vague thing is happening is happening.

Yes, please use your operational expertise to fix the jury system. The entire "justice" system is a hot mess.

Travel said...

Sometimes seeing the look on the faces of the jury pool, is all it takes to settle a case.