Sunday, November 20, 2022

Ad of the Month

Another 'monthly' segment that isn't. Or not consistently.  I'll try to be better. 

I had 'heard about' the new Belvedere vodka ad starring Daniel Craig, as himself. I had heard that Taika Waititi directed it. 

Waititi is the director of JoJo Rabbit and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, both of which I enjoyed. As I wiki'd him, it looks like he did two Thor movies too. Those, I did not see. 

Even before my friend Jon sent the link to the ad, I read that Waititi was worried that Craig couldn't dance but as it would turn out he needn't be concerned. 

I'm not so sure.  He should have been more concerned. 

Craig is fine, I suppose, but he's not a triple threat. I'm not even sure he's a double one. Sure, he looks good in a wifebeater, you gotta give him that. But it's doubtful 'dancer' is on his CV. 

There are brief, but obvious, similarities to Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" that starred Christopher Walken in a similar dancing role.  Mind you, believe it or not, Walken is indeed a trained dancer. Waititi had to know all of this, and usually he's more original. Though again, he did do Thor........twice, so maybe he isn't always original. 

Still it's a good distraction. It's too long to play on tv and it might give Belvedere a little name recognition, but it won't get me to go out and buy any. 


Old Lurker said...

Apparently the first Thor movie he directed was well-received.

Travel said...

He looks older than you do.