Monday, November 21, 2022

My Music Monday

I don't have a plan for today. So I scrolled through and stumbled upon Fleetwood Mac's "Thrown Down". 

This came from their last full album, 2003's Say You Will

This their "classic" line-up, minus Christine McVie, and she is sorely missed. That said, there area. few shining moments on this disk - but just a few. 

One of those is Stevie Nicks' "Thrown Down". 

If you're looking for stellar, 1970s Nicks, look elsewhere. Her voice is octaves lower and her range is extremely limited. She was about 50 here. Now she's 73-ish. Yet it works. Mind you, it works mostly due to Lindsey Buckingham's arrangement and backing vocals. 

Nicks allegedly demoed this for a 2001 solo disk, which didn't make the cut. 

If you can get past the shift in her vocal abilities, it really a well crafted song. One that should have been a single from that disk. It's possible they might have even gotten airplay. 

I said, "possibly". 

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