Saturday, November 19, 2022

Between the Two

WARNING:  in today's post you might have a cat sighting. No, it's not ours. We're not there yet, though I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to be. I think that came out right. 

Before I forget:  my annual BlobbysBlog Reader Pet Pic Post is coming in a few weeks. Should your pet like to be part of it - and even if they don't - send them my way.  Let me know who is who. Don't make me start chasing you down individually.  As always, there will be an 'in memorium' section.  Let's celebrate their lives, not mourn their passing.  Start emailing them to me!

Now, on with the show................

On Saturday or Sunday, Shep will put all his weight on my knees to get me to take him somewhere. He is quite the master manipulator. He always wins. 

We have a new sofa downstairs - not that you'd know it. 
We must keep it covered for Sleeping Beauty. It's new - we'd like to keep it that way for a while. 

Or, the Scoonmonster, as I like to call him. 

He talks to us daily. I do the same back. We've never been close physically, but I love him. 
He has a great bark. 

BTW, the upstairs sofa is covered for the same reason. 
I find it hard to believe he's comfortable this way. And like Petey, I love he uses a pillow!

This is Allie. 
Yes. Allie Cat.  Go ahead, say it aloud and then roll your eyes. I did. 

Allis is Otis' successor. They are the house cats at a local independent bookstore. She let me pet her and love her.  Otis is still around, but he's officially retired.  And she's pretty. 

Sleepy boy. 
The man is a pack animal for sure. He's super attached to us, which is nice. But he slept like that after last week's outing to a park. Precious. 

And no, similarly coloured brisk weather outerwear was not planned. We're not THAT gay.  Honest. 

Song by: the Bangles


Raybeard said...

The Shep pics are as captivating as they always are, though I'd nominate the last as the 'winner', if only by a wet nose. As for Scoonie and Allie, I trust that both will be studious in keeping themselves spotlessly clean, otherwise it's gonna show up real bad.

Btw: I'd have loved to have participated in your upcoming PetPic posting. However, even though I do have up-to-date pics of Patchie, Bobby and Sloopy (formerly Snowball), alas I now find myself unable to transfer from camera to laptop, presumably due to my having hardware which technology has now superseded. (Drat!). Nonetheless, I do eventually hope to catch up with contemporary era when both knowledge and cash allow.

anonymous said...

Oh! Dear Otis at Loganberry Books! I used to sit on the sofa
and hold him. I was always disappointed when I'd go in and he wasn't 'working' that day! One Halloween he was dressed up as a vampire! I miss dear Otis and hope he's doing well
in his retirement years.
Paranormal John

Calvin said...

Nice to see a cat this Caturday.

Old Lurker said...

I was wondering whether that was a bookstore cat even before reading the caption.

Sure you're not that gay. Sure. We believe you.

Bob said...

Sleepy Boy! Yes!

Ur-spo said...

that last photo is my favorite