Monday, November 28, 2022

My Music Monday

End of the month. I suppose I could have a theme for December, but we'll see.  Right now, no. 

Today you get a new release from Morrissey himself. 

The man, the pain, is on tour of the States, so to speak. He's cancelled half of his dates so far and, surprise surprise had a hissy fit at least of them and walked off stage in the middle of the concert, never to return. 

The shame is, normally I like his music, but he's a lot. 

His new album. which he is calling his best ever, is delayed or cancelled depending on which report you read. And it is extremely unclear if that is Morrissey's decision or and edict from the record company.  I can see it going either way. 

I mean, I like his music, but you gotta figure it breaks even at the very best. As a business, would you want to have to deal with the likes of him for scraping by or losing money?  Sometimes you gotta cut your losses. 

That all said, this last week, someone released a new song from said disk: "Rebels Without Applause". 

Granted, I've only listened to it twice, but I can safely say, it's not "his best ever". 

Whomever is playing guitar is trying far far too hard to sound like Smith's guitarist Johnny Marr. ....and it's not working. 

"Rebels" is fine enough for background music, but I'm not cranking up the volume to play like I would for the Smiths or some of his solo work. 

Maybe the rest of you Morrissey fans have a different take than I.  Love to hear it, if so. 

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Raybeard said...

Must be exhausting for any of this gent's fans to have to spend time following his such unpredictable antics, temperamentally unstable as he time and time again proves himself to be, not least politically. But then I've never been a great admirer of his, though I do applaud his fervid animal rights stances - and, moreover, I do recognise his having considerable 'curiosity' value.