Friday, June 21, 2019


Yesterday was dentist day - as you can see. It was also full panel xray day too, not just the shitty bite-wings.

Afterward, the hygienist / xray tech said, "you've had your wisdom teeth out".   Ummm....yeah.  Twice.

Well two different sessions - years apart.

Internally, I started laughing at thinking about the second go-round. Honestly, they were extracted within a matter of minutes. My friend Jon came back to take me home.

On the way back, he was nice enough to take me to the pharmacy to get my pain meds. He sat in the car while I ran in. Naturally, there was a line, so I waited.

Customers and their children just looked at me. Stared, actually.  I smiled and nodded, as I am a nice guy, who might have been under the influence of anesthetic.

Meds in hand, Jon drives me to my door and goes on his merry way. I go upstairs and immediately go into the bathroom - and burst into laughter.

Due to the my mouth being pretty much numbed up, I felt nothing. No pain.

I also didn't feel the blood and saliva just seeping out of my mouth, into my goatee, down my neck and onto my shirt. Covered, I was.

Even in this state, I immediately flashed back on those pharmacy folks thinking I just came from  feasting on unicorns and drinking their blood in the Forbidden Forest.

Jon played it perfectly. Never once saying a word. He had a nicely worded messaged on his answering machine before he got home, if he could hear it between my laughs.

The recollection made being in the dentist chair a not so bad experience.

Song by: Delerium 


Jonny said...

I completely forgot about that. Good times....good times...

Ur-spo said...

I thought of you when I was at my dentist appointment. Yours sound to be better than mine.