Saturday, June 29, 2019


Saturday.  Nothing political about these posts.

Jungle Doggie

Good thing we bought a new sofa.................for Sophie!

I was at my sister's house yesterday.  I got Boomer love. Lots and lots of Boomer love. 

And I went to pick up Shep at daycare.  Siggie (left) was still there. I missed my cousin, but Siggie was still there.........along with a photobomber cutie. 

Soph likes the higher perch to look down up on her so-called inferior. 

Song by: Fall Out Boy


anne marie in philly said...

jungle doggie & HRH on HER sofa!

Raybeard said...

Our weekly 'fix' of S & S. Never fails to pick me up if I needed to be.

Bob said...

Shep in the wild and Sophie on her perch, and all's right with the world.

CALVIN said...

Great Caturday post. She obviously is in charge.