Friday, June 14, 2019

Sunshine, Lollipos and Rainbows

Listen, I'm not saying my proclamation of saying I'd be blogging "good news" is the cause of Sanders-Fuckabee stepping down from her job - but honestly, none of you can prove otherwise.

So I'm taking the credit.

Short of assassination, there is possibly nothing that can make me happier than this news.

.....well, maybe a sweeping incurable, painful and deadly virus that infects the entire administration - past and present.  That would make me happier.

And on the same day that Cryptkeeper Conway is recommended for termination. Oh, she won't be. But honey - this is your LAST job. Unhireable.  I think that's a word.

Good things come to positive people, people.

Look. Just three days into a good news blog cycle and I'm already reaping the rewards.

You can all thank me later.  Or now.  Your choice.

Song by: Lesley Gore

1 comment:

Raybeard said...

Thank you - NOW! :-)