Monday, June 17, 2019

My Music Monday

I'm way behind on 'new' music. As you've all read here before, I'm no longer a radio guy - even XM.

You've all heard my issues with XM too, and they still stand. Different stations, but each station has their own play list (in same order) that they do for weeks on end. And when you play an 'alternative' song on the 'alternative' station 4,209 times, but every other station is playing it to begs the question:  "is it alternative?"

That all said, I've been a bit tired of the music on my iphonepod. I need to purge it and add all new stuff, or just bring on 1000 songs I don't have in rotation.

Until I do that, I have been listening to XM more - though mostly Fresh Air. But I have been listening to "Alt" Nation. I think I have heard enough good enough "new" songs to get me through the next few weeks of MMM.

"New" has been in quotes here, because some of these are from not 2019. Such is the Interrupters' "She's Kerosene", which is from 2018.

I know nothing of the group. I dig a decent ska vibe, and most who try it cannot pull it off. This song does. Though, hearing the song on the radio, I'd have never guessed the lead singer was a woman.

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Dave in Texas said...

I’ve heard She’s Kerosene many times also- never even thought about there being a female singer!