Saturday, June 22, 2019


Once again - dogs and together. Not just Sophie and Shep......but mainly.

Our neighbor, Bobbi, left this on her telephone pole. 

Shep went to see her and left with a new toy.  Spoilt. 

On a walk, in the ever present rain. 3rd rainiest Spring on record. 

The new ottoman is hers. Rarely is there room for my feet.  As it should be? 

Golden Rule. 
Oddly enough, this isn't Henry. But I loved him just the same. 

Shep at Nana's.  Loungin'. 

Morning Milk.........on her ottoman. 

Siggie! his Red Hot Photo Shoot. 
psssssst.......the secret is peanut butter.  He's so damned cute!

Going Home. 
I rank this as one of the best pics I've taken of Shep.

Song by: Five Man Electrical Band


anne marie in philly said...

spoiled shep AND sophie!! new toys, new cat bed (the ottoman); your kids have a lush life! and I agree with the last pix caption.

Bob said...

I love Siggie stretching for the peanut butter.
And of course Shep and Sophie, handsome fella, beautiful lady!

Ur-spo said...

I concur that is a might fine fido photo.