Friday, June 28, 2019

Half as Much

Hello.  I'm Blobby.  And it's been 2 weeks since my last political blog post.

{pause for crowd to say, "Hi Blobby"}

In my on-going experiment of posting less negative things (sorry Madge and Mindy - you're making it really really hard!    ......that's what she said),

I'm not really posting about politics now. I mean, I could.

I won't say I'm ill informed, but I read less and less in the paper, on-line, news programs are completely off limits.

It's hard to miss the gerrymandering headline, and it's tres disappointing, if not completely expected.

I missed both Dem debates. I didn't miss reading about them. 

Oh - to clarify, I didn't read about them. I just didn't miss reading about them.

Right now, I'm no happier, but that could be attributed to any number of things. I know I can't keep this up as we move deeper into the election cycle. But for the time being, I'll see what I can do to refrain from poli-posts.

Song by: Patsy Clnie


anne marie in philly said...

didn't watch either. out of all the guys up there, mayor pete is the most handsome. and kamala is the prettiest. call me superficial. november 2020 is a long way away yet.

JP said...

I think your approach is highly sensible.