Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Astral Projections

It's bee a long day, so I have nothing.  I have not delved back into politics, but some things, to a degree are unavoidable - so I know that BLOTUS is over the pond.  To bad he's not in it or under it.

But the good folks of London aren't always liking him to be in their city - as this isn't Fayetteville. And yes, they have the floating BLOTUS baby, but they're doing my more favourite thing:  projection.  The kind against a building, not the thing that subconscious transfer of one's ideas to another person.

I'm not sure which one I love most.  I guess they're like if they were your kids - you love then "equally".

Song by: the Cranberries


Raybeard said...

Today is THE protest day in London, complete with big, hot-air filled baby, but the British authorities and his own bodyguards/minders will be sure to keep him steered well away from any sight of them so that when we see the actual newsreel footage of the demos and speeches he can claim it's all 'Fake News' as he saw only adoring crowds, some wearing MAGA hats (Lots of Americans here - by some strange chance!).
Apart from that abusive, childish tweet towards the London mayor he managed to get through yesterday with hardly putting a foot wrong (well, maybe telling Prince Charles where to stand in a photo shoot was rather off the mark) but there's still plenty of time yet for a howler or two. Got my fingers crossed.

anne marie in philly said...

I like the first pix; wish it were to come true!

Raybeard said...

What did I say? At the London press conference few mins ago BLOTUS was asked about the demos. His answer - "What demonstrations?" Apparently what he 'saw' was very, very small and vastly outnumbered by those who were cheering and sending 'love' (WHAT?!!!) - Oh, and of course he came out with it - "FAKE NEWS!" (Bah!)