Saturday, June 08, 2019

Joy to the World

If I could do just an all pet blog, I could.  I think I'd need a lot more pets to round it out though.

While technically not a water dog, or a swimmer (yet), he does love going in. 
This time it was the draw of dozens of unseen, but not unheard, frogs.

Soph gets her morning milk from me.  I'm a great dad!

Eleanor and Oliver have a new brother. 
Andrew hasn't been eaten, so, so far, so good.  They're eyeing a squirrel btw. 

Siggie after day care, wanting cousin love.  He got it. 

How is it possible that this many dogs are uninterested in me!?!

Soph has an HRH for a reason. 

.....and still with eating more of the neighbor's grasses. 

Song by: Three Dog Night


anne marie in philly said...

sophie needs a tiny crown. and SO MANY puppies, but shep is the most handsome!

Bob said...

Dog heavy, and then you get to Sophie and it's clear who's the boss!

Raybeard said...

That's animals all right! Nothing but "ME, ME, ME!" Typical!

Ur-spo said...

My dog positively abjures water. Good for S for getting his paws wet.