Thursday, June 06, 2019

Long May You Run

Try not to panic.

I'm not ending my blog. But it's been crossing my mind more and more.

The process used to be easier. The nonsense is less and less, not that there was tons with which to begin.

It used to be, I could be 4-6 posts ahead and take days off of writing because things were set to publish. Those days are seemingly gone.

Part is time. Petey didn't take up a lot of my time. Shep is a bit more active. Work plays a part too, but oddly enough I have more time with the new job to write.

I read less and less news - so that is harder on which to comment. BLOTUS is soul draining - so yes, I place part of this one him.

I stopped reading Joe.My.G-d months and months ago. While he does a great job of culling other people's stories (let's face it, he does very little writing anymore), it is D-pressing. If my two tales per week of BLOTUS and GOP shit are a downer, try reading 30 of his........per day!

The Muses - should they exist at all - have called a Lyft and gotten to the Amtrak station or possibly the airport. Even they wouldn't take Greyhound.

Perhaps this is just a funk. I'm trying to walk it off - to use P.E. teacher speak. For the time being I will try to be better, to slog on. Should that not work, I might go from daily to a few times per week. And if that doesn't work, well..................who knows.

I guess I could change the tenor of the blog, but not sure what direction that would even look like. I'm not at that point least not yet.

17+ years is a lot of written word. It's like 2 trillions tweets - though truth be told, I haven't actually done the math. I might be rounding up.

I cannot be the only blogger who experiences this, right?

I wonder if I should up the dose of my antidepressant.

Like I said - please don't least not yet.

Song by: Neil Young


wcs said...

Funny you mention stopping the Joe My God reading. I've done that, too. It's great information, but depressing as hell with BLOTUS and his ilk. And his family (are they considered "ilk?"). I fill in with K/212, but the bad news is bad all over. Thank goodness for Shep and Sophie Saturday.

Raybeard said...

Your feelings are noted and perfectly understood. It's your sole decision, of course and it would be folly to try to dissuade you from stopping or from merely reviewing your situation. If you do decide to give it a rest there's nothing stopping you from returning when you feel ready. Our faith in you remains whatever.

anne marie in philly said...

NO ONE SAYS you have to write daily. 1-2 times a week would be perfectly normal. we all have lives to lead. and lives take priority over a blog. except on furkid saturday.

Travel said...

You would be missed, and there is so much to be snarky about. I write ahead, in batches, schedule and drift along.

rebecca said...

17 years is that for realz??? Like as long as Ive been married?

Deedles said...

Seventeen years! I couldn't do this for seventeen minutes! Live your life as you want.
I read JMG for the comments. That's a deliciously snarky, funny group of people.

JP said...

If I wrote every day I’d have a nervous breakdown (and so would any of my readers).
I’m not sure how much longer I’ll blog - but I’ll still read others.
Try cutting posts down and see how you feel. It should be fun to do. Not a chore. It’s never a chore to read you.

anne marie in philly said...

@deedles - hope you have seen some of MY comments on JMG!

Deedles said...

Why yes, Anne Marie, I have! Your comments are always a joy to read.

Frank said...

Sadly, I haven't a talent for writing. But, happily, I do have one for reading. I'll miss you and your acerbic wit once you're gone if that's what you decide.

Ur-spo said...

I am glad to see the outpour of support and love here.
I want to join the conga line to do likewise.
I too would miss you terribly if you disappeared.