Saturday, June 15, 2019

Shed Some Light

Another week.  Another post of your favourite recurring players to this blog.

Shep Stink Eye

Shep at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The outside part, obvi. 

At the vet. Shep has allergies, which is affecting his paws. Poor guy. 

Petey didn't mind the vet. Shep? He's very nervous - shakes, and as you can see, sheds. 
I picked the wrong day to wear black pants. 

Soph turns 13 today. 
She's still a stalker when she wants to be. 

Shep and his overseer. 
Just as it should be. 

Song by: Shinedown


Raybeard said...

Happy birthday to the bonny Sophie. May you have your favourite meal today as a celebratory treat (Ask/tell daddy!).
And like every day, wishing Shep a most happy doggy-day - and with ailments suspended for good!

anne marie in philly said...


aw, poor shep. didn't know doggies could have allergies. hope the VMD finds something to help you. TTTT, I didn't recognize shep in the first pix.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sophie

Hope you have a great day and the staff tend to your needs.

Bob said...

Shep with the stink eye can be quite intimidating. Then I realized, he's giving me Sophie Face.

As for Sophie...she looks GOOD! Happy Birthday!

CALVIN said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! She has a very regal bearing.