Monday, June 10, 2019

My Music Monday

With last week's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend clip, I ended up going down a rabbit hole, as I am apt to do

I think there are videos for each and every one of their 170+ musical numbers.  As you know, unlike Morty, musicals are not my jam.* .

While I certainly haven't viewed anywhere near all those clips, I did come across one that made me wanted to watch - first by title, then by the first line.

The song: "Let's Have Intercourse".  The line: "Unfortunately, I want to have sex with you....".   I'm in!  Oh, how much regret sex or grudge sex have we all had in our lifetime?

What?  No.  That can't just be me.

Visually, the production is very well done. I found the tune catchy, but hilarious. And Nathaniel isn't bad to lay my eye upon.

*I'm just seeing if he's paying attention.

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