Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Russian Roulette

.....and the hits just keep on comin'.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

One has to wonder, when will enough be enough for this administration......for this Congress...........for this country.

Mind you, I don't know that his base cares that much that SCROTUS shared ally information with the Ruskies. But they're not intelligent enough to understand the implications of anything other than if Two Broke Girls gets cancelled.

I get home from work and come in to see 710 who just points at the TV.  My initial reaction is: 'what now?'  I'm not even 100% sure I rolled my eyes.

I don't think the Washington Post is stupid enough to print something front page, above the fold {I mean, if it were an actual paper and not just a website}.

Of course, the National Security Advisor is downplaying the entire incident while speaking to the press................right outside the oval office.

That makes me feel like it never happened...............not!

I kind of shouted at the TV when news organizations were quoting the minority party.

I don't give a flying fuck what the minority party is saying. I know their reaction without having to read one word of it. Tell me what the majority is yakking about.

One GOPer, who is unfamiliar to me, went rogue and said that the administration (or Dump himself?) was in a downward spiral.  No Shit.

So far, no word from Bitch McConnell......that chinless fuck. But Paul Ryan made a strong statement about wanting a "full explanation" of events.  Of course I kid about the "strong statement" part. He's a pussy. You'd think SCROTUS would want to grab him.

....and Ryan might have to rethink that tweet from last summer.

Alan Dershowitz claims that Dump has "the most serious charge ever made against a sitting president", though contends he probably broke no actual laws.  So then......where does that leave us? You gotta figure it's truly more impeachable than a blowjob.

But of course, impeachment means a Pence presidency.  Eeeeeeeeeek.

What I have not yet heard is how this ties to Comey..............and I just have to feel that it does. What he knew and how he was to be thwarted to say a thing. Until he possibly met a Post reporter in a parking garage????

This whole 2017 is just fucking surreal. If someone wrote this in a shitty movie, it would be playing basic cable two weeks after its disastrous theater release. Unfortunately, this isn't fiction.

It seems Russia has Dump by the short hairs............and he likes it. Almost as much as getting pissed on.

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anne marie in philly said...

just when you think this dictatorship can't sink any lower...