Monday, May 15, 2017

My Music Monday

The theme this month was not intentionally new music, but 3 out of 3 (so far) is just that.

....and this one is brand-spanking new. It was just released this last Friday. Three days ago. That's how new.

I'm a fan of the National.  It will be be almost four and one half years since their last disk by the time their new one, Sleep Well Beast, is released in 3.5 months. at least I'll have a new disk to review here come mid-September.

"the System Only Dreams in Total Darkness" isn't quite like their past oeuvre. From the beginning, the keyboards, the possible backing vocals, and the guitar work - all new. I'm not sure I was down with it. At the 1:30 mark, their familiar drum style kicks in.

But then the guitar work goes back to that interlude. Admittedly, I like the familiar, but on the other side of that, I don't feel a band should be stagnant just because of their fans - myself included. They need to grow and I need to be open.

"System Only Dreams in Total Darkness" isn't really a sing-a-long song. I'm sure one could, or would, but it doesn't quite have that kind of melody.

I'm opening up to it all. I look forward to the rest of their new September.

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