Monday, May 22, 2017

My Music Monday

A themeless month - and it is working out ok.  Like I said last week, it's been new music month.....or stuff I recently purchased.

I'm lifting one of the best songs off of the new disk by Aimee Mann.  "Patient Zero" is just a stand out song amongst many on Mental Illness.

The melody and the chorus phrasing are really well done. The verses are pretty good as well.

While the song is not necessarily about Andrew Garfield - the Spiderman actor - according to Mann, it was inspired by him, as she had met him at some party shortly after his arrival to the U.S., but before he landed the superhero role, though the line "with some magic you can fly through the air", makes me believe (if it' truly is about him) that that line came after he was cast as the webslinger.

Mann appears in the video for roughly two seconds and in a non-lip synching role. This isn't a bad thing, as she always looks so uncomfortable in front of the camera. But you'll notice some folks from West Wing, Mad Men and such who make appearances.

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