Saturday, May 27, 2017

the Beast

Saturday.  The perfect antidote to a crazy-assed work week. Shep (and Sophie) are good about helping me destress.

Mr. Shep watches me like a hawk while I cut the lawn. Actually, it looks like he's looking past me....probably at a squirrel.

Meet Up with Kooper and Frankie. 

Frankie's brother passed away a few weeks ago and Frankie has been ill, losing over 20 lbs. A new diet has him gaining back three pounds so far.  

Frankie is my favourite neighborhood dog. 

At the park while we eat. 

He sat quietly, never begged.  I don't understand this non-hound behaviour. 

The tongue!  The tongue!!!

Warm day, long walk. 

Such a handsome beast. He loves the king-sized bed. 

One of my faves of him of all time. 
Up at Acacia park. 

Song by: Concrete Blonde


anne marie in philly said...

gene simmons tongue!

Bob said...

That's the great thing about the pets; no matter what our day is like, they're always welcoming and loving and easing you down fron the day!@

Fearsome Beard said...

Handsome he is.

Ur-spo said...


Mark in DE said...

I agree - our pets are wonderful de-stressers. Shep is such a looker. :-)