Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Asking for It

I don't mean to be horribly insensitive and judgmental - - - or do I ??  - - - but sometimes people get exactly what they deserve.

You know, when the sign right next to you says 'don't feed the sea lions'  and you do?  Well, you get exactly what you deserve.

When you taunt a 300-500 lb wild animal repeatedly and then sit down and turn your back to it?  Well, you get exactly what you deserve.

My favourite was on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (I think I'm obligated to say all of that), and some guy for the area up in Vancouver (or wherever that took place) ridiculed the family as basically being idiots, equating what they did as taking a lunchbox up to a bear.

Well, I suppose her tiger mom is watching over now, as she completes her college essay while the event is still fresh in her mind.

The other is going to an Ariana Grande concert.

Explosives notwithstanding.......you just had to figure there'd be bombs.   ....and I'm just talking about the music...........am I right?  am I right?

....yeah, I'm right.

Too soon?

Too bad.

Song by: Shinedown

1 comment:

Raybeard said...

Re the sea lion. Exactly what I thought when I saw the clip on our news. Honestly, some people are so damn stupid! And I bet they're STILL saying it's the animal's fault and are demanding its life.

Unsurprisingly, I'd never heard of Ariana Grande. In fact when I saw the news at 4 a.m. I assumed that she was a group! Anyway, now she gets publicity of the most undesirable kind even though her name will now be manifold times better known. Horrible though. :-(